Our address: Tashkent, 8 Marta str., 57A

Phone: +998 71 291 33 45

E-mail: sales@soar.uz

About us

SOAR Textile is a leader in the Uzbek market for the production of hosiery from natural and clean ecological raw materials.

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Tashkent, 8 Marta str., 57A

  • +998 71 291 33 45

Our principles

Quality control
Strict quality control of products at every stage of production.
Individual approach to each client.
Environmental friendliness
Caring for customers and the environment.
The lead time is clearly stated in the contract, thereby legally guaranteed.
Mutual trusting relationships with partners and clients.
We use only the latest technological equipment.


The company "SOAR TEXTILE GROUP" LLC was founded in 2016 in Uzbekistan, in Tashkent city. The company specializes in the production of dyed 100% cotton knitted yarn, as well as in the production of hosiery from environmentally friendly raw materials. The total area of ​​the enterprise is 5282 sq. M, of which the production area is 1655 sq. M.

For a short production period, SOAR TEXTILE GROUP LLC has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality textile products, both in the domestic and international markets.


Today, our daily production capacity is 30,000 pairs of hosiery and 2 tons of dyed 100% cotton knitted yarn.

The assortment of manufactured hosiery products is more than 300 types. The best designers and marketers work on the product range. Also, we can produce hosiery products according to the individual order of the client.

Our mission

The mission of the company is to supply environmentally quality and affordable hosiery products for the population. A satisfied client, first of all, is the movement and growth of the company for us. The key to our success is the use of correctly sold goods, qualified personnel, and an individual approach to customers.